Fresh Start August 16, 2018 13:48

A Fresh Start

Beginning a new school year invokes a feeling of new beginnings.  The smell of freshly sharpened pencils, the rustle of crisp stacks of notebook paper, and the sounds of chattering students in the hallway stir within the educational world the sense of a “fresh start.”   

To celebrate new beginnings, Honorable Character would like to wish every teacher and administrator a rewarding and successful year.  Those who serve in the realm of education are truly the heroes for their commitment and dedication in developing young students. 

Honorable Character is committed to assisting educators by providing easy to use tools and supporting materials that promote the cultivation of positive character traits and heart transformations.

Let us partner with you this school year.  Browse our website to find the products that work for you. 

And, if we are already part of your team, let us know if your classrooms need a “fresh start” with updated posters. 

Have a safe and successful school year!

Your friends at Honorable Character