The award-winning and internationally recognized HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Classroom Management System aids teachers in developing positive character and relationship skills in children. Teachers affirm good behavior choices and gently correct undesired behavior. The goal is to transform the heart and develop a lasting change in behaviors and habits of the whole child. 

The HC System is not a curriculum. It is a simple, affordable tool, best used school-wide, to help teachers encourage and build the character of children within the classroom setting.

HC provides a constructive way to minimize inappropriate behavior and maximize responsible decision making. Since this system is used consistently in every classroom year after year, teacher after teacher, students quickly learn expectations. Therefore, when students make undesired choices, they take responsibility and are not surprised at consequences.

When implemented consistently, schools note a positive transformation in both the classroom atmosphere and campus culture. Administrators report an increase in academic performance and a decrease in office referrals. Parents appreciate the growth of honorable character at home.

HC provides everything needed to start, including reproducible support materials and an Instructional DVD. Also, campus faculty training is available. Look on HC’s website for helpful hints, or call to schedule personal phone consultation sessions with an HONORABLE CHARACTER™ expert.

The HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Classroom Management System gives educators greater freedom to teach. And who can ask for more than that?