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HC Master Teachers are degreed, certified teachers. They have used HONORABLE CHARACTER™ in the classroom for a minimum of ten years. Most importantly, they know the HC system works. These experts offer teachers support in effectively implementing HC in classrooms and schools. An HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Master Teacher recently stated why she believes in HC.


During my fourth or fifth year of teaching, we were required to take a course or two for professional development. The course I chose required me to tape continuously at least ninety minutes in my classroom. Easy breezy, right? We were then required to listen to the tape and evaluate our interactions with students. There was a rubric to complete as we listened. The course instructor introduced this assignment by talking about teacher/student interaction and how much of it tended to be negative. Well, of course I thought, ‘Not me!’ I was young and fresh and energetic, and I loved my students and my students loved me. Read more




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