We know teachers because we are teachers. And we know teachers appreciate all the help they can get. In fact, many teachers have asked for behavior examples of honorable character traits. So, we at HONORABLE CHARACTERTM want to help teachers each month by taking a character trait and providing examples of what it could look like in the classroom – and outside the classroom. Also, we will share simple ideas that allow students to showcase giftings and abilities to demonstrate their understanding of the trait.


  • Use good manners (saying “Please.” “Thank you.” “Yes, ma’am.” “No, sir.”).

  • Wait quietly while a conversation takes place.

  • Look the speaker in the eye.

  • Listen to the speaker.

  • Give the speaker your full attention (not doing something else while someone is speaking to you).

  • Let others go ahead of you (in a line, through a door).

  • Hold the door open for someone.

  • Stop to allow someone to pass in front of you.

  • Take care with someone’s belongings (in a borrowing situation).

  • Cheer someone’s success.

Enrichment Ideas

Sometimes we have students who need something to do. You know – those early finishers. Here are suggestions to keep those little darlings busy.

  • Create an acrostic using the letters in the word respect/honor.

  • Create a ‘Rad Respect’ display. Students can nominate classmates. Post a photo and brief description.

  • Create a recipe for respect. What ingredients would be used? Start building a recipe box for honorable character.

  • Create and act out a commercial to sell the idea of using respect at school or home.

  • Design a t-shirt promoting respect.


We would love to get a peek at the creativity inhabiting your classrooms. Share or send us pictures of trait projects or how you highlight honorable character in your classroom or school. We know we get the best ideas from each other!

Coming Soon.....Obedience, What Does It Look Like?