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Take advantage of this "Back to School" special.   
Our Web-Based Training Modules are one low price for Schoolwide use!

Option 1: Modules [$49.99 Schoolwide] - Includes one year access to the Web-Based HC Training Modules

Option 2: Modules Plus [$99.99 Schoolwide] - Includes one year access to the Web-Based HC Training Modules PLUS mentorship for teachers (in-service or individually) via Zoom, email, and/or phone call.

A link to the Training Modules will be emailed to you upon completion of your purchase.

In Module 1, The Heart of Honorable Character, we discuss how Honorable Character™ promotes lasting change in behavior, thinking, and attitude. (13:19)

In Module 2, First of Year Classroom Setup and Organization, we walk through the materials teachers use in the classroom, and explain best practices that enable the best possible outcomes. (9:26)

In Module 3, Classroom Procedures and Expectations, we explain how to introduce  Honorable Character to students, how to set expectations, and how to record both honorable and defining character traits. (13:07)

In Module 4, Threading Honorable Character Throughout the Day,  we walk through various school scenarios and settings and provide tangible strategies for threading character building to provide opportunities for transforming hearts all day long. (15:40)

In Module 5, Honorable Character Traits, we define each of the 14  Honorable Character™  traits and use real-life scenarios to show you how this approach is applied for each trait in the classroom and throughout the school. (18:38)

+/- 70 minutes total time

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