$ 2,000.00

The HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Classroom Management System meets the needs of Review 360, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), and behavioral Response to Intervention (RTI). This ready-made tool aligns with Social Emotional Learning (SEL) goals and promotes prosocial behaviors in your students. The HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Poster lists 14 positive traits, each with a supporting sentence. The HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Recording Chart tracks constructive behaviors. In addition, parents receive weekly communication on the reproducible HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Conduct Card.

The SELECT SCHOOLWIDE PACKAGE provides the basic training needed to implement HC effectively. Refresher training and additional support materials are also provided. The purchase of this package includes an opportunity to participate in research that will provide your school with evidential support of the benefit of using HC as it relates to student behavioral and academic performance. Schools that implement the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Classroom Management System campus-wide experience the greatest long-term impact in building a culture of character.

Do you want a campus with honorable character at the heart of its culture?


  • 17" x 27" HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Poster
  • 17" x 27" HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Recording Chart
  • 8.5" x 11" reproducible HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Conduct Card
  • Support reproducibles
  • Helpful Hints and Instructions
  • What Does It Look Like? (online access)
  • 3 hours On-Campus or online Initial Training*
  • 2 Refresher Trainings (1-hour each; online)               
  • Ask an HC Expert (email or phone)
  • CPE/CEU HC Certificate (downloadable)
  • Teacher’s Conduct Card Binder per classroom
  • Opportunity to participate in the HC Research Project   

*School pays travel expenses for trainer(s) to your campus

    Schoolwide Package: Select - $2,000.00 plus $49.99 per classroom $ 2,000.00

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