Classroom Sets for Public/Private Schools

Our character development system helps children understand godly behavior by recognizing and acknowledging positive and morally correct behavior.

Complements any curriculum already in place

Strengthens character traits which increase responsibility and respect

Teaches the importance of character qualities like responsibility, respect, diligence, and self-control*

*See the full list at the bottom of the page

Our classroom sets for public and private schools are not curriculums or a simple lesson plan. They’re designed to flawlessly integrate with your already-established curriculum and your students’ day-to-day routine.

These sets are simple, already-created, affordable tools that support the character, academic, social, and emotional development of students.

Through positive recognition, the Honorable Character school behavior chart helps kids learn to regulate their emotions, make better decisions, and navigate the learning environment more effectively.

If you’re spending more time managing poor behavior and less time teaching the curriculum, this system can help you!

How It Works

Our character-building program helps students grow into compassionate, emotionally mature adults. Here’s how character training works:


Students' positive character traits exhibited throughout the day. Recognizing good behavior and positive choices minimizes disruptive behavior and provides classmates with a living visual example.


Students’ well-being by recording their positive character traits on the class Recording Chart. Internalizing encouraging words advances character, academic, and social-emotional learning.


Students’ honorable character with parents through the weekly Conduct Card. Providing feedback benefits all.

Yet, just as important, students develop an “others-awareness”, both inside and outside the classroom. Fostering academic, social, and emotional achievement today can help set the stage for responsible, respectful citizens of tomorrow.

What’s Included for Teachers and Schools

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Teacher Training

Each school receives

One year's access to the Honorable Character CPE/CEU Approved Web-Based Training Modules

Each teacher receives

One year's access to an HC Expert via a phone or email consultation

Note: A Single Classroom Set receives

One month's (30-day) access to the Honorable Character CPE/CEU Approved Web-Based Training Modules

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Each school receives (per teacher)

Character Trait Posters, Recording Charts, and Teacher Resource Binders filled with helpful tools for teaching character and implementing the program.

A Conduct Card template to promote positive school-to-home connections.

These school products, created by teachers for teachers, provide the needed structure to consistently implement a positive learning environment for all children throughoutthe day.

Note: Binders included with Premium Package
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Classroom Managment System


Character Trait Poster

The Character Trait Poster lists character qualities needed for successful interpersonal relationships and ethical behavior. When teachers recognize students' positive character throughout the day, students learn the importance of core character values like respect, kindness, responsibility, self-control, and cooperation.

Teacher Resource Binder

The Teacher Resource Binder is full of teacher-made resources to simplify and support implementing the Honorable Character System into the classroom.

Recording Chart

The Recording Chart tracks constructive behaviors while ensuring recognition of all children.

Conduct Card

The Conduct Card provides a consistent, positive way for teachers to build authentic school-family partnerships. Teachers inform parents of their child's honorable choices and correction marks via this simple, weekly communication tool.

Why we know it works..

Founder of Honorable Character, Vicki Vaughn, is recognized as a National Distinguished Principal by the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP). Inspired to create a positive tool for character building when her son was discouraged in school, Honorable Character has proven again and again, over many years, that the method WORKS. But you don’t need to hear it from us. Take a look at what our teachers have to say:
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-Steve H

Principal of a Texas Elementary School
This is the first program I’ve ever seen that really integrates character building into students’ lives. I believe that this classroom management system is a true paradigm shift from the conventional perspectives on character and behavior.
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