Build the character of your students. Change the climate of your school.
Transform hearts. HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Classroom Management System
is not a curriculum. It is a simple, affordable tool that supports the character,
academic, social, and emotional development of students.
The HONORABLE CHARACTER™ good behavior chart is designed to help
teachers recognize positive behavior in students. Students learn the importance
of core character values like responsibility, self-control, diligence, respect,
and cooperation.  
HONORABLE CHARACTER™ builds a solid foundation for students’ character
and academic development and is compatible with the social-emotional
learning (SEL) model, which helps kids develop the social and emotional skills
they need to thrive.



Through positive recognition, the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ school behavior
chart helps kids learn to regulate their emotions, make better decisions, and
navigate the learning environment more effectively.
Here’s how the system works:
Teachers identify positive behaviors: Teachers look for students exhibiting the
traits highlighted on the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Trait Poster, or Chart—like
self-control, diligence, cooperation, obedience, and respect. There are 14 traits
for elementary school kids and 6 for preschoolers. All traits are based on
universally valued moral principles.
Teachers chart the behavior: When a teacher observes a student exhibiting
one of the identified character traits, they (or the student) record the character
exhibited next to the student’s name on the HONORABLE CHARACTER™
Recording Chart.
Teachers build authentic school-family partnerships: Each week, teachers inform
parents of their child’s honorable choices via a simple communication tool.
HONORABLE CHARACTER™ is a prevention-based system. It uses positive
recognition for good behavior, which naturally reduces the need for correction.
If a student behaves unwisely or needs help developing a particular character
trait, the system guides teachers on how they can hold kids accountable.
The HONORABLE CHARACTER™ system is not an attempt to “ parent” kids,
nor is it a substitute for academic subjects. It is simply a tool to help teachers
bring the best out of students in a healthy, constructive way.
Kids who learn how to effectively communicate, collaborate with others, and
manage their emotions tend to be more confident and secure as adults.
The HONORABLE CHARACTER™ system has been credited with changing the
classroom environment and even school culture. Our behavior charts for teachers
are used in thousands of classrooms throughout the U.S.

What’s Included in a Classroom Set

Each HONORABLE CHARACTER™ classroom set includes:

  • Access to web-based teacher training modules (for 30 days)
  • HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Trait Poster (17” x 27”) lists 14 positive traits, each with a
    supporting sentence.
  • HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Recording Chart (17” x 27”) tracks constructive behaviors
    while ensuring recognition of all children.
  • HONORABLE CHARACTER™ THINK poster (13.5” x 19”).
  • HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Teacher Support Binder (1/2”), which includes:
      • Reproducible Conduct Card (promotes weekly teacher-to-parent connection)
      • Helpful Hints and Instructions (provides at-a-glance guidelines for teachers)
      • Record of Conduct Form (streamlines weekly record-keeping)
      • Reproducible Think Sheet [Elementary] (offers a correction tool example)
      • Character Reinforcement Form [Preschool] (offers a correction tool example)
      • Specialty Class Conduct Form (simplifies communication between teachers)
      • Character Trait Examples (inspires teachers with tangible trait identifications)
      • What Does It Look Like? (provides enrichment ideas)
      • Sheet of YIELD and STOP cut-out signs (provides a correction reminder tool)
      • Sample Individual Behavioral Plan (IBP)

    Available for Elementary age (English or Spanish) and for Preschool

    Link to Web-based Teacher Training Modules
    will be sent following purchase.