This is the first program that I have ever seen that really integrates character building into the students' lives.  I believe that this classroom management system is a true paradigm shift from conventional perspectives on character and behavior.

Steve H., Principal





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"...I can, with absolute conviction, say I will never again teach without Honorable Character.  Read more

Barbara L., M.Ed., Master Teacher 




The Honorable Character system changed the way my son felt about school, changed the motivations of my daughter and influenced the way I corrected my children at home...Read more.

Amy V., Parent



Honorable Character isn’t just another behavior management system because it does so much more than just manage behavior. Honorable Character transforms the heart of the child by reinforcing and recognizing behaviors that demonstrate good character. Positive consequences for positive behaviors lead to lasting change in the habits and behaviors of students. The Honorable Character System cannot be surpassed in its ability to cultivate great character and effective learning environments!  Read more

 Laura S., Teacher




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Every elementary teacher used this system. Every elementary student knew what to expect. Every elementary parent knew what honorable character his/her child exhibited each week. This system worked.  Read more

Judy K., Curriclum Director (Retired)




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Honorable Character! I cannot separate the way I teach from the lessons I learned using HC for four years. Rules and consequences have a way of getting misconstrued in the hearts of our kids (and our parents and teachers). Honorable character has been the best training for me because...Read more

Anna G., Teacher