The HONORABLE CHARACTER™ story began in 1984 with a high-spirited, first-grader named Brad. Like many children, interactions with classmates sparked an unexpected, outgoing social side of his personality. The outcome: Brad frequently received correction from his teacher for excessive talking. Although the school placed a high priority on character development, its weekly, home-bound conduct card reported only the child’s negative behavior. Disheartened, Brad mistakenly concluded that his teacher didn’t like him because, “I get into trouble a lot.” The school’s approach to classroom management showed only one side of Brad’s character…and he was picking up the wrong message as a result. 

Brad’s parents knew him well and understood that he was a delightful child who needed to develop some self-control in the classroom setting. His mother, an education professional, couldn’t help but wonder how many other children were like Brad. How many were internalizing a distorted message about themselves due to teachers focusing on correcting inappropriate student behavior? If Brad was getting the wrong message, she reasoned, surely other students were, too.  Read more