45 States and Puerto Rico

16 Countries/Provinces:  US * Philippines * South Korea * South Africa* Hungary * Ukraine * Mpumalanga, South Africa * Gambia* Canada * Mexico * Honduras * Latvia * Kenya * China * United Kingdom * Australia



1988 - Honorable Character (HC)  began in one school.  It was inspired by a first-grade student who said, "I don't think my teacher likes me,"  which sparked the idea of a paradigm shift for teachers to focus on students' positive character and not just negative behavior.

2003 - Honorable Character educators began training teachers from other schools at their request to use HC - a positive, proven character development method.  

2019 - Honorable Character, Inc. became a self-supporting non-profit and moved to new headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, with a focused mission to coach educators worldwide to inculcate heart-based character in their students.