Combat disruptive behavior in your classrooms by providing your teachers with Honorable Character (HC). Designed for Preschool through Elementary, Schoolwide Packages are available for Public Schools, Private Schools, Christian Schools, and Spanish-speaking classrooms. Select the type and quantity of classrooms below to get started.

Buy the Premium Schoolwide Package for multiple classrooms and receive: ($99.99 per classroom)

  • Character Trait Poster
  • Recording Chart
  • THINK Poster
  • Teacher Resource Binder (Conduct Card included)
  • Bookmarks (pack of 25)
  • Office Referral Forms (pack of 20)
  • 1-year access to Web-based Teacher Training Modules (Renewable - see below)

Buy the Standard Schoolwide Package for multiple classrooms and receive: ($49.99 per classroom)

  • Character Trait Poster
  • Recording Chart
  • THINK Poster
  • 1-year access to Web-based Teacher Training Modules (Renewable - see below)

If you are not quite sure yet and want to learn more, you can schedule a Q&A zoom call with HC's creator here. 

Classroom Managment System


Character Trait Poster

The Character Trait Poster lists character qualities needed for successful interpersonal relationships and ethical behavior. When teachers recognize students' positive character throughout the day, students learn the importance of core character values like respect, kindness, responsibility, self-control, and cooperation.

Teacher Resource Binder

The Teacher Resource Binder is full of teacher-made resources to simplify and support implementing the Honorable Character System into the classroom.

Recording Chart

The Recording Chart tracks constructive behaviors while ensuring recognition of all children.

Conduct Card

The Conduct Card provides a consistent, positive way for teachers to build authentic school-family partnerships. Teachers inform parents of their child's honorable choices and correction marks via this simple, weekly communication tool.


The Web-based Honorable Character (HC) Training Modules ensure that teachers are ready to implement the HC positive mindset in their classrooms. Teachers may also schedule personal consultation(s) via email or video conference with an Expert HC Trainer.


What is the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Classroom Management System?

This system was designed over 30 years ago by teachers, for teachers. Its emphasis is on the positive. Teachers ‘catch’ students exhibiting positive behaviors, recognizing and rewarding their good choices by recording them on a classroom chart.

Do teachers develop their own system of discipline and classroom management?

No. The Honorable Character Classroom Management System provides everything needed.

The Honorable Character Classroom Management System can be easily incorporated into a single classroom. Although an individual teacher can use the HC System, it is designed for school-wide use. When an entire campus implements the system, students return each year knowing classroom behavioral expectations. Campus-wide implementation maximizes instructional time. Optimal results are achieved when used school-wide.

Can we slowly roll-out the Honorable Character classroom management system?

Absolutely! If you are in the middle of a semester there are ways to slowly introduce the system without overwhelming the kids (or yourself!).

On what is the positive recognition based?

Each Honorable Character Trait Poster lists 14 honorable characteristics. Preschool lists 6 traits. Teachers look for students exhibiting these traits. All character traits are based on moral principles which are esteemed and valued by everyone.

How does a teacher keep track of honorable behavior?

Each classroom has an Honorable Character Recording Chart on the wall. Teachers ‘catch’ honorable behavior choices and record them by students’ names on the chart. Parents are informed weekly of their child’s honorable choices.

Do teachers forget to record on the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Recording Chart?

Yes! The students, however, never forget! They love to receive praise for positive choices and always remind the teacher to record on the chart.

What happens when students go to other classes, such as P.E.?

When this system is used throughout the entire school, any honorable character ‘caught’ while in other classes is recorded on the homeroom chart when students return. Students appreciate receiving praise from all teachers.

Does the Honorable Character Classroom Management System address inappropriate behavior?

Yes. The beauty of the Honorable Character Classroom Management System is its positive approach. As a prevention-based system, teachers ‘catch’ students making honorable choices, thus greatly reducing the need for correction.

If a student behaves unwisely or needs guidance developing a character trait, the teacher takes recommended steps to hold the student accountable. The heart of the HC System is to keep students aware of their choices and to support teachers in providing restorative opportunities.

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