Honorable Character™ HOME SYSTEM - Christian

$ 11.00

Perfect for the home or as an accompaniment to the Honorable Character™ Classroom Management System. These Character Posters are sized for individual use to help parents reinforce honorable character traits and build household responsibilities in their children. The Home System uses encouragement to build these traits and eliminates the frustrations of nagging and negative discipline to which parents often resort. Money management principles, including giving, saving, and delayed gratification, are developed when used with monetary rewards. The system offers flexibility to accommodate individual households.

The Honorable Character™ Home System includes one 5" x 15" full-color Character Poster describing the 14 honorable character traits, and one 8.5" x 11" pad of 55 weekly Recording Sheets.

We recommend one Character Poster per home and one pad of 55 Recording Sheets per child.

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