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Let's face it. Parenting is difficult! Crazy difficult!!
Yet, the reward of parenting can be significant.

You're not alone if you're tired of nagging your children to complete a task or frustrated with their attitudes and sibling conflicts. Building a positive relationship with your children while training them to be responsible at home and school seems overwhelming.

But there is good news!

There is a simple, positive, and constructive way to bring out the best in your children. Created by a parent/educator, the Honorable Character Responsibility-Behavior Chart for home is a simple accountability tool designed to give parents a structured alternative to nagging, guiding children to understand basic home responsibilities and behavioral expectations.

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Here’s How to Use Honorable Character Behavior Charts for Home

Created by a parent/educator and a team of experienced educators, the Honorable Character system highlights key positive character traits. It can be incorporated at the home for everyday use or as a reward system for homeschool environments. Focus on academic performance, interpersonal skills, self-awareness, and other attributes with the simple and affordable system that lets you:

  • Catch your child exhibiting the traits highlighted on the Honorable Character Chart. There are 14 traits for elementary and middle school kids and 6 for preschoolers. All traits are based on universally valued moral principles like respect, kindness, and responsibility.
  • Acknowledge commendable behaviors with words of affirmation (and maybe a hug!).
  • Track your child’s positive behavior and chores on our easy-to-use, colorful recording charts.
  • Keep the positive reinforcement charts and recording pad in the home's activity hub as a visual reminder of the child's daily behavior and completed chores. When age-appropriate, grant the child the responsibility of recording the completed chores and on the chart.

Kids need clear, written goals. Our positive behavior chart for home is a fun, visual way to track their progress from day to day and over time. We offer three versions of our Home Sets. Check out our Christian Home Sets, our Christian Home Sets for Preschoolers, and Private/Public Home Sets.



A positive behavior chart for home can be an invaluable tool in helping your child learn to act appropriately. However, our product isn’t just any reward system.

Kids who use the Honorable Character system are less likely to act out in disruptive ways, tend to perform better academically, and have improved attitudes. It’s why HC is used in countless of homes and classrooms across the country.

This home behavior improvement set was adapted from the highly successful Honorable Character Classroom Management System. It brings the same mindset and consistent framework for developing habits of character into your children's hearts. Our behavior charts focus on positive behavior and help eliminate negative discipline habits.

Here’s how you can change the atmosphere of your home with Honorable Character:

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    It builds character. Kids learn the importance of universally valued traits like respect and responsibility. The Honorable Character system helps them master these traits so they can grow into emotionally centered, empathic adults.

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    It provides immediate feedback. With the HC behavior chart, kids get feedback about their positive behaviors on the spot. They can see how well they’re doing just by glancing at the reward chart, and spot which traits they may need to work on demonstrating more often.

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    It motivates kids in a constructive way. Too much focus on negative or undesirable behaviors can make children frustrated or discouraged. The Honorable Chracter system helps parents focus on the positive. The system incorporates social-emotional learning, which equips children with the tools they need to effectively manage their emotions.

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    It teaches monetary principles such as saving, sharing, spending, and delayed gratification while working toward age-appropriate goals. This is a great starting point for building a strong work ethic and teaching responsibility.

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    It improves sibling and parent/child relationships by fostering mutual respect and trust, and by minimizing anger, frustration, and consequences.

Whether you homeschool or need a way to monitor character development at home, this behavior chart system helps you build relationships with your children based on trust, love, and respect. For kids, it lays out clearly defined goals for character traits and family chores. For parents, it provides constructive focus and a framework to guide children’s behavior—without nagging.

Home Sets

What’s Included

Preschool Students

  • 5" x 14"


  • 9” x 14”

    HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Character Wipe-off Job Chart with
    9 reusable stickers


Elementrary Students

  • 5" x 15"


  • 8.5" x 11"

    HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Character Job Chart pad with
    55 weekly charts


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