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The Honorable Character Classroom Management System for Christian schools provides everything you need to start building and cultivating positive behavior in your classroom. The Honorable Character Trait Poster lists 14 traits, each supported with Scripture. The Honorable Character Recording Chart tracks wise choices. Parents receive weekly communication on the reproducible Honorable Character Conduct Card. 

Each Classroom Set includes:

    • ACCESS to HONORABLE CHARACTER™ CPE Approved Web-Based Training Modules for 30 days.
    • HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Trait Poster (17" x 27") lists 14 positive traits, each with a supporting sentence.
    • HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Recording Chart (17" x 27") tracks constructive behaviors while ensuring equality of recognition.
    • HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Teacher Support Binder (1/2") includes:
        • Reproducible Conduct Card (promotes weekly teacher-to-parent connection)
        • Helpful Hints and Instructions (provides at-a-glance guidelines for teachers)
        • Record of Conduct Form (streamlines weekly record-keeping)
        • Reproducible Think Sheet (offers an example of a character correction tool)
        • Specialty Class Conduct Form (simplifies communication between teachers)
        • Character Trait Examples (inspires teachers of tangible ways traits are exhibited)
        • What Does It Look Like? (provides classroom enrichment ideas)
        • Sheet of YIELD and STOP cut-out signs (provides a visible tool for character correction)
        • Sample Individual Behavioral Plan (IBP)
        • Sample SMART Goal Sheet

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