Classroom Sets for Christian Schools

Our character development system helps children understand godly behavior by recognizing and acknowledging positive and morally correct behavior.

  • Complements any curriculum already in place
  • Strengthens character traits which increase responsibility and respect 
  • Teaches the importance of character qualities like responsibility, honor, diligence, and self-control*

*See the full list at the bottom of the page

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Our children's character education materials were created by teachers, for teachers based on Christian principles—we understand the aversion to adding more lessons when teachers are already overwhelmed with all they have to teach. That’s why we’ve developed Christian school materials that integrate seamlessly into every interaction throughout the school day.

Our system goes far beyond traditional Christian Sunday school materials. If you’re spending more time managing poor behavior and less time teaching the curriculum, this system can help you!

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How It Works

Our character-building program, based on Christian values and traits, helps students grow into compassionate, emotionally mature adults. Here’s how character training works:


Students' positive character traits exhibited throughout the day. Recognizing good behavior and positive choices minimizes disruptive behavior and provides classmates with a living visual example.


Students’ well-being by recording their positive character traits on the class Recording Chart. Internalizing encouraging words advances character, academic, and social-emotional learning.


Students’ honorable character with parents through the weekly Conduct Card. Providing feedback benefits all.

The results of our character curriculum: Students grow in self-awareness. Yet, just as important, students develop in "others-awareness."Positive relationships of honor and kindness emerge with classmates, teachers, parents, and God.

What’s Included for Teachers and Schools

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Teacher Training

Each school receives
  • One year's access to the Honorable Character CPE/CEU Approved Web-Based Training Modules
Each teacher receives
  • One year's access to an HC Expert via a phone or email consultation
Note: A Single Classroom Set receives
  • One month's (30-day) access to the Honorable Character CPE/CEU Approved Web-Based Training Modules
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Each school receives (per teacher)
  • Character Trait Posters, Recording Charts, and Teacher Resource Binders filled with helpful tools for teaching character and implementing the program.
  • A Conduct Card template to promote positive school-to-home connections.
    These Christian school products, created by teachers for teachers, provide the needed structure to consistently implement a positive learning environment for all children throughout the day.
Note: Binders included with Premium Package
Read More on the Binder Contents
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Why we know it works..

Founder of Honorable Character, Vicki Vaughn, is recognized as a National Distinguished Principal by the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP). Inspired to create a positive tool for character building when her son was discouraged in school, Honorable Character has proven again and again, over many years, that the method WORKS. But you don’t need to hear it from us. Take a look at what our teachers have to say:
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A letter of appeal to a school head to consider Honorable Character.

I am so passionate about Honorable Character because:

1. It trained ME, as a teacher, to speak life. I wanted to encourage but time, words and a system weren't in place. I felt like I was just trying to stay on top of the discipline. I have a long fuse but anger would bubble up eventually. (James 1:19-20)

2. There will be less discipline issues. I saw SUCH a difference in the students as I began to look for the good instead of reacting to the bad. It's the KINDNESS of Jesus that draws us in. (1 Cor. 13:4-9, Jer. 31:3)

3. Speaking life breeds true relationships with students and opens the doors for communication, getting to the HEART of the issues. (1 John 3:1)

4. Speaking life TOTALLY CHANGES OUR (the teacher’s and the school’s) RELATIONSHIP WITH THE PARENTS. The positive approach of the Honorable Character system draws more families to our school. If I know my child is being disciplined with a heart that truly LOVES my child, I am willing to stick by the teacher's side.

5. It teaches me to see everyone around me the way Jesus does. That is a game-changer! My love for students and parents grows exponentially.

6. In discipline, kids are not simply getting pounded with "you're bad" messages but with specific character traits that need improvement. It is a very understandable message about a certain THING that needs to be refined.

7. Our families can see the pattern of specific Christ-likeness to be affirmed and also character defining that needs to be reinforced at home. It's a CLEAR message.

8. Honorable Character plants the word of God in our kids. It also opens another  door for God's word. It is lasting and does not return void. 

9. HC gives teachers a much better way to communicate with parents.

"Your child is struggling with honoring others this week." vs. "Your student has 3 marks this week." It's more specific and more meaningful and shows a pattern that everyone can work on.


Why It’s Important

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The Honorable Character approach is a natural fit for Christian school programs. Each character trait listed on our Character Development Charts is accompanied by relevant Scripture—this helps students see the connections between their choices and the Word of God. The Bible is rich in teachings about the dignity and goodness of hard work and perseverance.

These ideas align with the Honorable Character system, which help teachers encourage biblical character behaviors in the classroom and acknowledges students when they demonstrate traits like honor, self-control, responsibility and kindness. When students learn these important principles of the Bible from a young age, they develop healthy habits for life, which we are guided to do:

“Train up a child in the way he should go. Even when he is old, he will not depart from it.” - Proverbs 22:6

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Many schools today take a behaviorist approach to training, which assumes that children react purely to their environment. This punishments-and-rewards model uses conditioning and even manipulation to generate the desired behavior.

These approaches to training are not consistent with the Honorable Character system. We take a gentler approach—one that helps students build relationships with themselves, with God, and with their teachers, classmates, parents, siblings, and others.

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