What is the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Classroom Management System?

This system was designed over 30 years ago by teachers, for teachers. Its emphasis is on the positive. Teachers ‘catch’ students exhibiting positive behaviors, recognizing and rewarding their good choices by recording them on a classroom chart.

Do teachers develop their own system of discipline and classroom management? 

No. The Honorable Character Classroom Management System provides everything needed.

The Honorable Character Classroom Management System can be easily incorporated into a single classroom. Although an individual teacher can use the HC System, it is designed for school-wide use. When an entire campus implements the system, students return each year knowing classroom behavioral expectations. Campus-wide implementation maximizes instructional time. Optimal results are achieved when used school-wide.

On what is the positive recognition based?

Each Honorable Character Trait Poster lists 14 honorable characteristics. Preschool lists 6 traits. Teachers look for students exhibiting these traits. All character traits are based on moral principles which are esteemed and valued by everyone.

How does a teacher keep track of honorable behavior?

Each classroom has an Honorable Character Recording Chart on the wall. Teachers ‘catch’ honorable behavior choices and record them by students’ names on the chart. Parents are informed weekly of their child’s honorable choices.

Do teachers forget to record on the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Recording Chart?

Yes! The students, however, never forget! They love to receive praise for positive choices and always remind the teacher to record on the chart.

What happens when students go to other classes, such as P.E.?

When this system is used throughout the entire school, any honorable character ‘caught’ while in other classes is recorded on the homeroom chart when students return. Students appreciate receiving praise from all teachers.

Does the HONORABLE  CHARACTER™  Classroom  Management System address inappropriate behavior?

Yes. The beauty of the Honorable Character Classroom Management System is its positive approach. As a prevention-based system, teachers ‘catch’ students making honorable choices, thus greatly reducing the need for correction.

If a student behaves unwisely or needs guidance developing a character trait, the teacher takes recommended steps to hold the student accountable. The heart of the HC System is to keep students aware of their choices and to support teachers in providing restorative opportunities.

What do students think of the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Classroom Management System?

Students love the positive affirmation and appreciate the consistent expectations. They know what to expect and what the consequences are for choices they make. This provides them a feeling of safety and security, regardless the teacher.

What do teachers think of the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Classroom Management System?

Teachers spend less time correcting behavior and more time doing what they do best: teaching! Frequent teacher comments include:

    • “I will never teach without Honorable Character again.”

    • “This system has changed how I look at my students.”

    • “Honorable Character has made me a better teacher, wife, and mother.”

      What do parents think of the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Classroom Management System?

      Parents love the positive focus and appreciate that their children are valued. Quotes from parents include:

      • “I can’t believe the change I see in my child because of Honorable Character. He is much more obedient at home.”

      • “Honorable Character focuses on the positive attributes my girls bring to the classroom, rather than focusing on what they do wrong. What a game changer!”

      • “The Honorable Character System changed the way my son felt about school, changed the motivations of my daughter, and influenced the way I correct my children at home.”

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        What is the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Home Set?

        The Honorable Character Home Set was adapted for home after the successful launch of the Honorable Character Classroom Management System. Because its emphasis is on the positive, the frustrations of nagging and negative discipline are eliminated. The Home Set incorporates monetary principles, including saving, giving, and delayed gratification. An additional benefit provided by the Home Set is the cultivation of positive sibling relationships. Parents ‘catch’ their children exhibiting positive behaviors, recognizing and rewarding their good choices by recording them on the Honorable Character Character and Job Chart.

        What if a job is too advanced for my child?

        Parents can simplify jobs on the Honorable Character Character and Job Chart, or postpone a task until they believe it is age-appropriate for their child.

        What happens if my child does not make a wise choice?

        The beauty of the Honorable Character Home Set is its positive approach. Parents ‘catch’ their children making honorable choices, greatly reducing nagging and the need for correction. If a child behaves unwisely or needs guidance developing a character trait, parents take recommended steps to hold the child accountable. The heart of the HC Home Set is to keep children aware of their choices and encourage personal responsibility.

        If I buy the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Home Set, do I need the Web-Based Training Modules?

        The Web-Based Training Modules are specifically designed for classroom teachers. However, they would be helpful for moms and teachers at home as well.  Note: These modules do not address the money management portion of the Home Set.

        Do I need to purchase an HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Character and Job Chart pad for each child?

        Yes. The Honorable Character Character and Job Chart pad has 55 sheets, providing a one-year supply per child.

        How can I implement the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Home Set when I am away from home?

        Children seldom forget to record positive marks! When away from home, allow your children to take responsibility for remembering to mark the chart when they return. For younger children, parents can make a note on their cell phones.

        If my children are being cared for by another individual, can the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Home Set be implemented?

        Yes. Introduce the individual to the system. Children can earn double points with someone other than a parent.