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The Honorable Character  Preschool Classroom Management System is a ready-made tool that provides everything you need to start building and encouraging positive behavior in your preschool classroom. The Honorable Character Trait Poster lists 6 looked-for traits with supporting scriptures. Use the Recording Chart to track these traits. Parents receive weekly communication on the reproducible Honorable Character Conduct Card. 


Each Classroom Set includes:

    • ACCESS to HONORABLE CHARACTER™ CPE Approved Web-Based Training Modules for 30 days.
    • HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Trait Poster (17" x 27") lists 6 positive traits, each with a supporting sentence.
    • HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Recording Chart (17" x 27") tracks constructive behaviors while ensuring equality of recognition.
    • HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Teacher Support Binder (1/2") includes:
        • Reproducible Conduct Card (promotes weekly teacher-to-parent connection)
        • Helpful Hints and Instructions (provides at-a-glance guidelines for teachers)
        • Record of Conduct Form (streamlines weekly record-keeping)
        • Character Reinforcement Form (offers an example of a character correction tool)
        • Specialty Class Conduct Form (simplifies communication between teachers)
        • Character Trait Examples (inspires teachers of tangible ways traits are exhibited)
        • What Does It Look Like? (provides classroom enrichment ideas)
        • Sheet of YIELD and STOP cut-out signs (provides a visible tool for character correction)
        • Sample Individual Behavioral Plan (IBP)
        • Sample SMART Goal Sheet

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