The Honorable Character Classroom Management System for Christian Schools provides positive behavior management materials based on Scripture. Our Christian school materials teach students the importance of universally valued character traits like obedience, respect, and diligence.

The Honorable Character approach is a natural fit for Christian education programs. Each character trait listed on our Christian character development charts is accompanied by relevant Scripture—this helps students see the connections between their choices and the Word of God.

Teaching Kids Positive Habits for Life

A Christian school classroom where students display positive behaviors thanks to the HONORABLE CHARACTER™ classroom sets for Christian schools.

The Bible is rich in teachings about the dignity and goodness of hard work and perseverance. These ideas align with the Honorable Character system, which helps teachers encourage positive behaviors in the classroom and acknowledge students when they demonstrate traits like honor, self-control, responsibility and kindness. 

When students learn these important lessons from a young age, they develop healthy habits for life. 

“Train up a child in the way he should go. Even when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

- Proverbs 22:6 

The Honorable Character system offers much more than obedience training, however. Our system is designed to build students’ character and help them grow into compassionate, emotionally mature adults.  

“Habit training is about helping the child fully realize his or her potential as a human being. We want to empower this young person to live a full and happy life. Habit training is not about manipulation or trying to get the child to do what I want. Instead, habit training is helping children acquire the habits that will be part of their character” (Egan, “A Guide to Implementing Habit Training”). 

A Heart-Based Approach That Works

Approaches to student training have evolved over the years. Many schools today take a behaviorist approach to training, which assumes that children react purely to their environment. This punishments-and-rewards model uses conditioning and even manipulation to generate good behavior. 

These approaches to training are not consistent with the Honorable Character system. We take a gentler approach to training—one that helps students build relationships with themselves, with God, and with their teachers, classmates, parents, siblings, and others. 

Our proven, heart-based approach to our character building shifts teachers' focus toward  acknowledging students when they demonstrate honorable character, minimizing the need to re-direct or correct students when they are off track. 

The results: Students grow in self-awareness.  Yet, just as  important, students grow in 'others-awareness'.  They  cultivate relationships with honor and kindness.  This results in a more positive relationship with classmates, teachers, parents, and God.

“Honorable Character is a system created to speak LIFE into our students, as well as training them in the way of the Lord.”  - Anna Gill 


The Honorable Character system helps kids learn to regulate their emotions and make better decisions.

Here’s how it works:

  • Identify positive behaviors. Teachers look for students exhibiting the traits highlighted on the Honorable Character Trait Poster or Chart—like self-control, diligence, cooperation, obedience, and respect. There are 14 traits for elementary school kids and 6 for preschoolers. All traits are based on universally valued moral principles.
  • Chart the behavior. When teachers observe a student exhibiting one of the identified character traits, they (or the student) record it next to the student’s name on the Honorable Character Recording Chart.
  • Build authentic school-family partnerships. Each week, teachers inform parents of their child’s honorable choices via a simple communication tool.

Honorable Character is a prevention-based system. It uses positive reinforcement for good behavior. This naturally reduces the need for correction. If a student behaves unwisely or needs help developing a particular character trait, the system guides teachers on how they can hold kids accountable.

What’s Included in a Classroom Set


Each HONORABLE CHARACTER™ classroom set includes:

  • Access to web-based teacher training modules (for 30 days).
  • HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Trait Poster (17” x 27”) lists positive traits (14 traits for elementary school, 6 for preschool), each with a supporting Scripture and reference.
  • HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Recording Chart (17” x 27”) tracks constructive behaviors while ensuring recognition of all children.
  • HONORABLE CHARACTER™ THINK Poster (131/2” x 19”).
  • HONORABLE CHARACTER™ Teacher Support Binder (1/2”), which includes:
  • Helpful Hints and Instructions (provides at-a-glance guidelines for teachers)
  • Reproducible Conduct Card (promotes weekly teacher-to-parent connection)
  • Daily Home Connection - Character Chart  (for daily connection, if needed)
  • Record of Conduct Form (streamlines weekly record-keeping)
  • Specialty Class Conduct Form (simplifies communication between teachers)
  • Character Reinforcement Form (offers a correction tool example)
  • Reproducible Think Sheet (offers a correction tool example)
  • Sheet of YIELD and STOP Cut-Out Signs (provides a correction reminder) 
  • GoalSheet (K-2)
  • Sample Individual Behavioral Plan (IBP)
  • Character Trait Examples 

Kids who learn how to effectively manage their emotions tend to display more empathy toward others and grow into confident, secure adults.

The Honorable Character system has been credited with changing the classroom environment and even school culture. It’s why our behavior charts are used in Christian classrooms throughout the U.S. 

$ 99.99
$ 99.99