Simply speaking, there is a key to raising responsible, caring, and all-round remarkable kids. Give them age appropriate jobs as soon as they can walk and call-out their honorable character throughout the day!  

Age appropriate jobs build your children’s inner confidence and help them understand their important role in the family. When everyone in the family works together, things run more smoothly.   

However, when parents pester a child to complete a task, relationships are hurt. Nagging never brings out the best in anyone!   When parents provide clear expectations and encouragement to their child when establishing task routines, the parent-child relationship is energized.   

The HONORABLE CHARCTERTM (HC) Home System provides a structured framework for parents to put an end to nagging while building responsibility through individual or team assignments and highlighting the honorable character of their child. In addition, the child learns goal setting, delayed gratification, and money management. Parents stop nagging and instead focus their attention on the amazing character attributes of their child, such as wisdom, kindness to a sibling, and initiative. 

Marty Rossman, professor emeritus of the University of Minnesota, conducted a study and concluded that children as young as three who participated in chores were more likely to be self-sufficient, maintain positive relationships with family, and achieve success in schools and careers than those whose parents didn’t engage them in chores.

Vicki Vaughn, Founder of HONORABLE CHARACTER, said, “As a young parent, I felt clueless at times. Knowing the daunting responsibility of parenting, I recognized a need for help.  The HC Home System was a simple tool that allowed our family to become the best version of itself.  I put away nagging and our sons became remarkably responsible and faithfully accomplished their personal and career goals.”

Try the HONORABLE CHARACTERTM Home System.  It works!